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Corporate Finance Mergers & Acquisitions

The primary goal of a business is to maximize and increase shareholder value.

We assist in raising capital and seek opportunities with businesses with synergy for you to merge with.

​We helping in the pre-deal planning, identifying end goals, value drivers, screening targets, due diligence and transaction support, post-deal and integration. As well as support to PE and VC.

​People are the key to making the right investments, growing portfolio businesses, aligning culture, innovating, maximizing the value, and getting the best possible return at the exit. 


As a developed business, you may have developed various divisions and holding companies for your assets, operations and joint ventures. We can assist your organization to define and implement a plan to consolidate your assets and holdings into segregated divisions into structured portfolio.

Additionally, if you have investors ​coming in or preparing for public listing you may need to structure your companies according to the need of the investors or regulatory requirements.

We support new ideas, business creation, market entries, joint-venture, strategic alliance and Startups through different development phases, facing different types of challenges, defining sustainable strategies and guiding the organization from nothing to success.

Corporate Restructuring

Offshore entities provide are the ideal entities for use as intermediary or joint venture companies. They provide efficient and cost effective structures as holdings companies.

We integrate offshore companies into many structures to create both efficient, cost effective intermediates in corporate structures.

We work with a number of offshore countries such as the Cayman Islands and BVI, being the most common, for trust, restructuring, joint venture and holding purposes.

Offshore Services

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